Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Blue Over Commitment Issues

I ready to mix it up in my house again.  Blue seems like a good 'new' color for me.

I went to the fabric outlet and spent hours roaming the aisles.  All I knew when I went into the store was that I wanted Indigo. Indigo is a great color--it's not navy and it's not royal blue; it's just right--like my favorite pair of jeans.

Above are the fabrics I 'swatched' as possible companion prints.  These are the prominent colors :
Medium Blue
                                                                   Blood Red  (can't think how else to describe it!)

I can pull colors, fabrics, fixtures, furniture and accessories for a client with confidence. When it comes to stuff for my house--I choke.

Anybody else have these commitment issues?

Oh yeah, what do you think of these fabrics? 




  1. I like the top fabric and the middle one the best. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Patty. I picked the middle fabric first, then the top one second. I was thinking the tapestry and Ikat design for maybe pillows? Thanks for weighing in!

  2. Well I'm of no help because honestly, I love them all! I am exactly the same though when it comes to commitment for my own home. I can pull off lovely design for clients and feel good all the way through. In my own home, I lose sleep and change my mind 100 times. I always say I'm my own worst client:)

    1. Thanks Carol for confirming how I feel everytime I try to make a decision for my house---and I thought it was just me. I appreciate you liking the fabrics. Again, I looked at them thinking "I don't know...."

  3. I love the fabrics you've selected! And yes, I take a ridiculous amount of time to make a decision and I change my mind constantly! I think it's because we're exposed to so many great options - it's hard to choose a favorite!

    1. Good point Kim! I think you are right on about being exposed to so much. We only give clients a few of the best choices. I'm always changing my mind because it feel so permanent-which it's not! Appreciate your vote for the fabrics.