Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Picture This!

Remember this house that I consulted on?
The good news is I got the job!  I am staging it tomorrow!
The not so good news is, according to the realtor, the husband is concerned about me making nail holes in his freshly painted walls. (I also did a color consultation to try and take some of the vanilla out of this house. Yes, a house can be too neutral for selling.)

This is a 5,000 square foot house.  I probably have 25 pieces of artwork to display throughout the house.

I have tried the Command Strips and not had much luck.  It's pretty scary when you hear a piece crash to the floor.  There is also the problem of the art angled out from the wall because the hook is so massive.

In ten years, this is a first!  I've never even had a seller ask me to patch my nail holes when I destage and remove pictures. 

I wish I could say, "Mr. Client, in the words of Mick Jagger: ' You can't always get what you want...but you just might find you get what you need. Trust me. The staging will be worth it!''

That's my story, folks.  Any ideas on how to handle this snafu?



  1. Too bad MC can't help!
    Whenever we have sold a home or left a rental, we have always patched the holes in the walls with spackle and paint. Really doesn't take long.
    I also thoroughly clean the house, remove any scratches from wood flooring, clean the carpet, etc. I literally vacuum myself out the front door. The house never looks better!

    1. I'm sure it looked great. And, that's they way it should be. I assume my sellers patch and paint nail holes when they taking care of their punch list before the move. But this is a first! As always, thanks for commenting.

    2. I would assume the same. That's what I was saying. We as sellers have always patched and cleaned!

    3. Patty, I wish everyone followed your style on prepping their home before they leave. I even used Old English on the floor from scratch marks a rocker made(not our doing) in a home we rented for vacation. The realtor always waives our deposit because she knows the house will look better after we leave. Are we old school?

  2. Linda - we are definitely old school and that has nothing to do with age. I've always patched and cleaned the floors as we leave a house. But the last two houses I moved into, that did not happen - dirty bathrooms, nails in walls and carpet that needed cleaning. Both from senior ladies who had cleaning ladies every week - guess they cancelled them before the move.

    As for the nail holes situation - I say take the job and patch the holes yourself when you take back your pieces (factor the time into your hourly rate) - strange that they think this is your responsibility.

    1. I hear, Heather. I am always leave a place looking better than I left it. There is no excuse!

      Guess home seller came around. There were only a couple of exceptions to the "no holes" rule. And, I worked around them.

      But, I do think we are old school in our thinking about leaving things in great condition. OUR WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY

  3. A: lean your art on the walls...I love this look! it leaves some room for imagination
    B: booger up those walls and then....go on "vacation"...he'll be happy when the house sells and will forget all about it
    C: use tiny tiny can patch so quickly and easily

    go girl!

    1. I staged the house today and did what mentioned. Some things leaning and some nailed. The owners were so blown away by the staging I don't think they cared!