Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Trick!

Happy Halloween everyone. 

My laptop has decided to play a trick on me.  I've known for a while that it was tired of being tap, tap, tapped, edit, edit, edited, misusing insert, insert, INSERT and delete, delete, DELETE (damn it, delete!) at all hours and for years and years.

The hard drive is now making SPOOKY noises. Spinning, whirling, and whizzing.....this can't be good.

I so wanted to share pictures of my grandson, Jack, for Halloween.  Mr. Hardass Hard Drive really had a fit when I tried to download pics from my I-phone.

So all my blogging buddies, if you don't see a post for a couple of days, it is because because my computer is haunted.

Hoping this will pass when the goblins and ghouls leave.

Glad Sandy is gone.  Continued prayers for everyone in the Northeast suffering.