Monday, January 11, 2016

Tips on How To Distress a Kitchen Table and Chairs

I am not a big fan of distressed furniture.  Let me clarify.  I am not a big fan of DIY distressed furniture. You know, the pieces that folks pick up at Flea Markets or off Craigslist and then paint, sand and seal. The distressing tends to be very balanced, matchy-matchy, and intentional.

Check out this authentically distressed kitchen table and chairs.

The table has variations of color. The nail holes are recessed and dark. There is a bit of white on the back sides of the leg turns. (What's it from? Sap, you think?).

Notice the left side of the tabletop.  Apparently, for years, people preferred this side of the table.  It  shows circles from hot plates and is more worn than the right side of the table. The wood is much darker on the back end of the table (where the there is a jug and 2 small lanterns). I wonder what was originally placed there to keep it from becoming worn and faded?

The carvings in the table top reminded me of the old wooden desks from my elementary school days. There is so much character and history to this table. Do you think these patterns be replicated?

Obviously, the chairs weren't bought with the table.  I love how this chair is more distressed on the back.  Look at that wood grain. One post is more worn. I guess it was on the end and subject to the most abuse.
I admire folks that are talented enough to DIY.  I'm especially in awe of my friend Heather, of New House New Home.  Heather has mad skills and her furniture looks amazing.

I'll share more pieces from this house in my next post.


  1. I agree with your thoughts! I keep telling my girls to tie that table to the back of a pickup and drag it down the street! The best tables in all the world are at the Dixie Chicken at Texas A&M! They sell them from time to time.

  2. Dragging a table behind a pickup is one way to distress it, I guess! You piqued my interest so I went online to check out Dixie Chicken. Yes! Those tables definitely have character. Thanks Gina.