Wednesday, January 20, 2016



Hello! Hello! It looks like we are gonna get SNOW!

Riddle du jour:
What has as much uncertainty as the weather? REAL ESTATE
I work with both sellers and agents.  Today, I thought I would address the complaints I hear most frequently from sellers.

5. The realtor makes unfulfilled promises.  These Pretty Woman/Studdly Man Agents look sharp, professional, confident and in control. They woo the seller to get the listing.  They promise grand free services: the best stager, a professional photographer, a free appraisal or inspection, 24/7 availability, exquisite marketing publications and dedicated online sites,open houses, buyer's caravan's,etc. The seller figures the agent must have a network of equally beautiful and dedicated people to help with their lofty ambitions. After the Listing Papers are sign, the many of the promises can vanish.

4. The realtor turns the listing over to a subordinate. Big Listing agent signs the seller then hands it over to someone else in their office. These big shot agents love to transfer the messy follow-up details to another agent or a "Listing Coordinator"."Listing Coordinators" typically don't last long. When blame must be passed the lowly Listing Coordinator gets the ax, a cardboard box and is asked to clear her desk.

3. "I'll find out."  The agent does not have the education or experience to provide the right answers on important details. "I couldn't believe we had to wait for days for him/her to get back to us."

2. "We should lower the price."  ahhh...the mantra heard round the world.... The answer to every problem: lack of showings, no offers, home repairs, to"lower the price".  Sellers are outraged that agents think dropping the price by $5K-- $10K+ is no big deal.   

1.  THE AGENT GOES DARK. The agent does not return phone calls or emails. No contact drives sellers bonkers.  It is the cherry on top of the Bonker's Sundae.  And, agents please don't bother with the excuses. Even if they are legit--sellers don't want to hear them. (P.S. Agents:"On Vacation" is the biggest offense to sellers.They agree everyone needs a vacation--just not while they are selling their house.)

Have you more to add? Have you ever run into any of these problems when you sold a house?


  1. my daughter in law just got her license in the Amarillo market and she is going great guns!! So much that her hubs is going to get his and be her assistant on the weekends. I feel sorry for the agents here as homes sell in one day by word of mouth! It's amazing. I'll share this with her! Thanks.

    1. My daughter-in-law just got hers! And now my daughter is quitting her job to get hers and they will sell together!

    2. Congrats to your daughter on getting her license!How wonderful that her husband is being so supportive to get his license and help her on weekends. Sounds like a dynamite duo. I'm sure she will be successful.

    3. I have a lot of admiration for realtors. It is a tough business. In this market, longevity seems to be the key for being successful. It is wonderful to have that built-in relationship support. I wish them all the best!

  2. Oh so true! I really don't like these big "teams" as you're not getting the person who is the face of the team but some other less experienced person.

    1. It saddens me how many sellers don't know how 'the system' works. I just talked to someone that walked into the office of a high profile agent and handed her the listing due strictly on volume advertising.(Ain't that music to a high profile agent!)