Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Winter Adventure

Maybe you have to be a Southerner to appreciate our love of snow days.  All rational reasoning is tossed aside. Snow Days are a revered event that only happen maybe once a year.  There are rituals to be followed:

SHOP: It is essential run to the grocery store just prior to the storm.  It is important to be in the fray of folks wired up for being house bound a few days. It is important to discuss what provisions you are stocking up on with neighbors in aisles or strangers in long lines. This is the only event that allows you to flaunt your junk food and be admired instead of judged.

COOK/BAKE: Everyone cooks during a Winter Storm. I made Chicken Noodle Soup the first day.  I'm working on Vegetable Beef Soup for tomorrow. Karen made Black Bean Soup and Beef Stew.  Next door neighbor, Dawn, is making chocolate chip cookies and delivering them to us!

IMBIBE: Need I say more?  Pick your poison.  Then post silly-selfies on Facebook.

EAT: Anything eaten during The Winter Adventure is fair game. Absolutely no New Year's Resolutions allowed during Winter Adventure. Calories don't count and it ain't my fault the gym is closed!

BE NEIGHBORLY:  We had the three neighbor boys (9,6 and 4) over to play. Their Mom and Dad needed a break. They were so much fun! Sled. Sled. Sled. OK, I don't sled. But I watched! And tonight there is a bonfire at the lake below our house tonight.

The fact that the storm hit on a Friday is double awesome!  Long weekend!  Woot! Woot! Monday it will all be a distant memory.

Have an awesome rest of the weekend.

And remember, we are Panthers Proud!


  1. It must be fun to have a snow day occasionally instead of weekly like we do here in Canada. For us, it's the opposite - get out when you can, walk the dog instead of just throwing them outside, see people, drive somewhere, anywhere as long as the roads are clear. Seriously though, I'm glad you made it through the storm safely. And go Panthers! And Patriots!

    1. I do adore snow but it is probably because of the novelty of it. It was fun but the sun is out and it is melting like crazy now. Watching Denver and NE as I write this. I shall cheer for your Patriots! Stay warm, Heather.