Friday, January 15, 2016

Joanna Gaines Would Lust These Beauties

Awesome Hand Painted Antique Basket

Hello Lovelies! What a great week! Have you seen "Sisters" with Amy Pollard and Tina Fey? It is a silly, funny movie that Virginia and I laugh until we cried over. Tuesday, my buddy Karen had a BD and we celebrated over Thai Pad. Yum. (Diet, next week?) Tomorrow, I'll be hitting the road to have a little fun with some very special people. Great weekend ahead!

Here's more primitive (a la Joanna Gaines style) or as I call it, 'authentically' distressed furniture.
An old church pew. Talk about uncomfortable. A dozen parishioners could be crammed in this pew.

Here's a time-worn table and bread bowl. BTW, I can hear my mother (from heaven) saying, "I wouldn't put that piece of junk in my house is somebody gave it to me!"
How about this old stool the owner is using as a plant stand? 
The owner decidedly has a knack for displaying and incorporating these old treasures.
Have a great weekend.  Go Panthers!

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