Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Let's go for it in 2016!

Hope y'all had Happy Holidays. Cowboy and I had a fabulous few days in Charlotte celebrating Christmas with our dear son, his sweet wife and our precious grandson!

Are you looking forward to 2016?  It promises to be a great year!

I've just received my 2016 "Passion Planner". I stumbled onto their website when I was researching calendars. Y'all, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLANNER! The Passion Planner is a combo calendar, planner, journal, memory keeper and has goal accountability. It helps keep you inspired with success quotes and on tract with weekly and monthly evaluations. They also pay it forward to people that can't afford their calendar and give back to charity. Win/Win.  Gotta support good-deed-doers.

Any big plans for 2016?

Here are some (out of about 50--shoot for the moon, ya know) of my intentions for 2016:
  • Conduct a workshop for home sellers. Public speaking always scares the beJesus out of me. Following thru with this will be a biggie. #Year of Yes.
  • Post regularly. Really. I despair when "An Affection for Staging" (that I truly love) is pushed to the back burner. It happens when I get busy---or worst yet----uninspired.
  • Attend a True Color Workshop by Maria Killam. I have studied with Maria online. This year Maria is coming to Charlotte and I plan to attend in person!
  • Tour the UK with Linda, my new British Friend. Linda wants to take me across the pond to celebrate her 50th! (Y'all I don't even have a passport. LOL and Gulp.) I can do this! #FUN!
  • I'm going pastel this year! Dark, muted colors don't make me happy. Hello Happy Clothes!
  • Add a Fitness Class to my H20 Aerobics classes.  (Lost 10.5 lbs. and one clothes size in 2015. And, met my kindred spirit, Linda, at the gym this year.)
Raise a glass to 2016 bringing us health, happiness, good fortune, abundance and prosperity.

Let's go for it!

Happy New Year!



    1. Happy New Year to you also!!! Love the softer colors also!

      1. Happy New Year Patty! We pastel girls will stick together in 2016.

    2. YES... You can do it!!! The U.K. will be one stop of many amazing European adventures. Hang on to your boot straps my friend we are about to taste pasta in Italy, wine in France, tea in England.... The possibilities are endless. Oh and did I mention the shopping... Art....Culture... Scenery....Food???!!!!

      1. Linda, I am so blessed that our paths crossed and we are now great friends. Oh wow, you make my head spin with all the delicious adventures we will share on our European Vacation! Working on that passport!

    3. Get that passport!!! There's a whole world of adventure out there! And you will love England (my birthplace too). Sound like an awesome year!

      1. What a surprise, Heather. Had no idea you were born in England. 2016 is going to be an grand year! Hmmmm....maybe after I get my passport I will have to come to Canada!