Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Believe in MAGIC for Selling your house?

Right before Christmas I staged this house.  It has been on the market for a few months, has had lots of showings with no offers.
After staging, the activity picked up--but still no offers.

Then Tina, the seller, tried the unorthodoxed.  She planted a statue of St. Joseph in their yard. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the house. Joseph was a carpenter, and because of his role in raising Jesus and providing a stable, happy home for Jesus to grow up in, he is the go-to saint for selling your house.

Tina buried the statue last Thursday afternoon (in frozen ground,the day before our Winter Storm).  On Saturday, (2 days later, people!) the house received 2 offers. On Monday, a third offer was forthcoming.

I have never tried the St. Joseph tradition.  But, hey--if that is where your intention goes and it works--then give St. Joseph a try.

We need some magic and some prayers.
Our beloved baby, Izzie, has a malignant tumor on her thyroid.  She is being operated on in the morning.  It is a very challenging operation because of the location. We would so appreciate any healing energy or loving prayers you end. She has been our love for 9 years.


  1. Not sure if I believe burying a statue of a saint helped sell the house. But I do believe that my prayers for Izzie will help her.

  2. Thanks so much, Heather. I definitely have a big prayer squad working with her. Your Canadian prayers :) are a bonus. XX

  3. Yes yes yes. Prayers and magic..good stuff

    1. Those prayers and magic were answered. She came out of surgery a champ! All looks good! Thanks Gina!