Friday, August 22, 2014

The Perfect Sofa for Staging

C Homes

There are hundreds of thousands of sofas floating (or stuck to walls) around America.  I say there is one perfect sofa.  This is Jessica deRuiter in her LA home.  I stumbled on her house on the blog Habitually Chic.

Notice the perfect low profile arms.  Many of the sofas I see have huge rolled arms that take up too much space.  What a great neutral!  You can add pillows in different colors and patterns that will make it pop on camera for MLS pictures.Neutral?  Doesn't get more neutral that this lovely shade of white.

Oh that reminds me.....most folks think that all neutrals are the same.  Wrong-y Dong-y.  Check this picture out.  Any one of these neutrals could stand alone.  Mixed together they are don't work.
Raleigh Pinterset
The sofa is pinky-beige, the carpet is yellow-beige, and the ottoman is greenish beige.  Not a good combo. 

Back to The Perfect Sofa...
I like the plain wood legs.  There's no skirt to get in soiled and in the way.  A skirt on this sofa would visually take up more square footage. Being able to see under and around the sofa opens a room.

Three tied back pillows are primo.  They stay in place and don't have to be plumped.  And see how her foot sinks into the cushion.  Awwwww.....feathered cushions...pure luxury.  However, with feathered cushions you need to go first class.  White pin feathers poking through is prickly and unattractive.

What is your favorite style of sofa?
C Homes
 I WANT THIS SOFA!  Anyone know where it can be sourced?
 Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. It looks very functional. It would work in a lot of styles if decor too!

    I'm dealing with a pinky beige sofa and hate it. No money in the budget for a new one, so I think I'm going to get slipcovers made.

  2. I'm interested about slipcovers. Need to talk to you....expect a call or email, my friend.