Friday, August 29, 2014

FAQ: Have You Ever Staged a Haunted House?

Happy Labor Day, everybody!  A long, leisure weekend awaits us!
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Here's my story du jour.  Virginia's house for sale has had offers.  The best one was just this week.  The buyers made a reasonable first offer and my friends countered in kind.  Everything was going along swimmingly!

Yesterday, the potential buyers requested a third tour of the house before they countered.  The buyers were in the driveway when V's next door neighbor drove by, stopped, rolled down her window and shouted,

"You don't want to buy that house.
It is haunted!"

Our neighbor thought her remark was very clever and totally fun, fun, FUNNY.

All the buyer replied was, "You must be a neighbor."

The haunted house remark happened yesterday afternoon.  No counter-to-the-counter has been received.  Way to go neighbor!  The buyers probably weren't scared of the house but scared of our neighbor.

I can stage a house for it to sell but there is no work-around of stupid remarks.

I guess if Virginia's house is haunted, then I have staged a haunted house.  In 12 years, I have only been in one house that gave me the willies.  The house was gorgeous but it was a vacant house.  I was called in because it wasn't selling.  It was a cold, dark winter day.  Of course, I was by myself.  As soon as I walked in the front door, it felt creepy.  As I walked around taking pictures, I felt a cold chill envelope me.  Okey-Dokey me no likey.  Color me GONE.  When I downloaded the pictures there was something that looked kinda vaporous, grey-white, floaty--sorry, I'm not good a describing 'it'.  I showed the picture to a client and she told me 'it' was an evil entity, to rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ, and I must never go back into that house.

'nuff said!


  1. What a stupid thing for that neighbour to do!! What a shame!

    As for haunted houses, I'm not really a believer. BUT I swear there was the ghost of a man in a hat in one house we lived in many years ago. He wasn't scary because he used to stand over my son's crib. Erik was sick a lot as a baby and I always felt this "man" was protecting him.

  2. What a dumb neighbor. Hope they change their minds!

  3. That neighbor needs a-talkin' to!
    I'm a believer in haunted houses... have had experiences, but never anything horrifying... just "feelings". I think it's natural that certain energies would be present in homes. Doesn't make it any more comforting, though!