Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Staging Virginia's Family Room

Virginia's fireplace is GORGEOUS.  The stone is rich in dimension and color.  The mantle extends the full length of the fireplace.  This fireplace is definitely one of the outstanding selling features of the house.

Part of the deal with staging is to accentuate architectural features for the buyer to appreciate.  I removed everything that was on the mantel and started from scratch.  Here's the after!
When you stand directly in front of the pictures the background disappears into the stone and the flowers appear to be growing out of the stone. (Really....I'm not on mind altering drugs!) I added a gorgeous silver tray behind the chunky mellow-yellow candle holders. The two vases are from my staging loot. The large triangle pottery piece is Virginia's and was hidden in an unused guest bedroom.

Here's the before.
I eliminated the wing chair because it blocked a door to the deck.  The two huge leather sofas had to stay in the same L shape.  See the white mirror behind the sofas?  It was added.  It is mother-of-pearl and was purchased at Pier 1.  Next, check out the lamp between the sofas.  It came from Home Goods and with a price tag of only $29! 

Similar lamp for $150

Virginia's favorite project in the house are the bookshelves in the family room.  Stay tuned next time and we will visit her staged bookshelves.


  1. The fireplace looks so much better does the new lamp and mirror. Agree on removing the smaller rug. Now, I can't wait to see the book shelves!

  2. Love that fireplace!! And I love how you brought some reflective pieces into it!! Nice job!

  3. The bones of that home are gorgeous, so show it off! Love your suggestions and Im sure the client wishes they did those things while they lived there! Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. xo Nancy

  4. Remember how bummed we were that the Mother Of Pearl mirror didn't work on the mantle?? Now I'm so glad it didn't because the picture is perfect. You have an amazing bag of tricks to choose from when staging. And your beautiful yellow candle holders were a great pop of color. Seeing my beautiful mantle now makes me kick myself for not taking advantage of it before.