Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Musings: Overwhelming Grief in Our Small Community

It has been a time of sorrow for a little neighborhood.  Two of our beloved families suffered a double-hit of loss.

Faye and her husband Bill live down the street from me.  They have been residents of our 'hood since its inception.  Faye was 78 and full of life.  She was fun and funny.  Not to mention cute!  I remember one of the last things I told her was that her butt looked good in her (designer) jeans. She wiggled her behind and laughed a wicked giggle. 

Faye and Bill have a son, Alvin. Alvin and his wife, Kathi, bought a house in our neighborhood in 2005.

Kathi's mother has been sick and was in the hospital in a nearby town.  Kathi's mother passed at 1:55AM on Thursday morning.  Faye had a reoccurrence of cancer was in a rehab center for a few weeks. Faye passed at 5:30AM Thursday morning.  Alvin got the call that his mother had passed while they were in the car on the way back from the hospital for Kathi's mother.

The coincidence of one couple losing both mothers within hours on the same day is mind boggling. I visited Kathi and Alvin's home Friday afternoon.  They were not home but making Kathi's mother's arrangements.  Their daughter, Allison, was home and said she was simply in shock over losing both grandmothers.

When I stopped by Bill's house, his eyes were glassy from tears.  He lost the love of his life.  "She put up with me for 60 years".  His loss was palatable.  Then Bill said, "I guess you heard about Kathi's mother?" and shook his lowered head.

Please pray for our families.  They have an incomprehensibly difficult week ahead of them.

The Good Times
Here we are at a neighborhood "Hat Party".  That's Ms. Faye on the back row with her wine glass!
We will miss our Faye.


  1. How sad for that family! And how sweet that you were there to support them in they time of grief. What a great community you must live in.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Heather. When so many people don't know their neighbors, it is heartwarming that we can count on each other during good times and bad.

  3. Oh, that is just way too much. So sorry for this family. I can't even imagine. How nice of you to share this with others. I will pray for their comfort and peace and they will see God's love through this wonderful neighborhood of yours.