Friday, February 28, 2014

New Life for a Blah Living Room and Foyer

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Spring starts tomorrow.  I know most of us are having a difficult time wrapping our heads around that tidbit from Mr. Meteorologist.

Continuing with my last staging... here is the living room that was reworked.  The owner's had a sofa in the Master Bedroom.  I asked them to lug it downstairs to use in their living room.  Living Rooms are considered a formal area and need to show as such.

The following is the before shot.

I used their other furniture in a new way.  They had 'stools' that were being used as end tables.  I took two of them, brought them together sideways, and placed a mirror from the foyer on top.  My attempt was to make a cohesive look, similar to a contemporary coffee table.  Staging is all about using what you have when you can.  The shutter window mirror above the sofa had to be wired open. (Thank you, Karen!)  The big pillows on the sofa (see the red ones underneath?) add life to the space. Notice the second shelf of the console table is empty. When staging it is not necessary to fill every nook and cranny.

Here's the mirror from the foyer before staging.
The foyer after staging.
The console table is mine.  That is the largest furniture I carry!  Isn't it a pretty addition to the previous vacant foyer.  If you look closely at my staging, you will notice that I am big on layering and texture. This lamp is on a white pedestal (that picks up the white in the picture). The vase below is on a engraved brass plate.  In the living room, the lamp is on a book.  On the opposite end of the living room console a large brown box has a brass 'sun' sculpture atop.  Layering creates dimension.

My team, Karen and Jane, my realtor and I are celebrating!  The house has an offer!


  1. Nice to see that your work impacted the outcome so quickly. I bet the owners wondered why they hadn't used a console table before this. It looks awesome

  2. Very nice - and the foyer is so welcoming now!