Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fabulous February!

Love bugs and Valentines - Highlights
Yea! Begone January doldrums.  January is my month of hermit-ting, researching, making resolutions, and regrouping.  February is the month for lovers, my sisters' birthday, my aunt's birthday, the President's birthdays, my birthday, and my blogs anniversary. 
When I turn 50 (again), I want this cake from Sweet Picasso Cake Creations

I have a renewed burst of energy today! February is my month to plug back in.  Hope the beginning of this month finds you hap-hap-happy and raring to go.

Let's kick our heels up in February.
Any of you lovelies have a renewed sense of vigor and vitality this month?


  1. February is the month of my birthday too! Happy birthday to us! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Month Girls! Long wait for my November day.

  3. February is also my birthday month, my daughter's birthday month and my favourite month because it means the end of winter is closer and closer. What day is your special day? Mine's the 29th - so no big celebration for me this year. I'm "borrowing" your cute cartoon for an upcoming post - hope that's okay. I'll share the source, of course.

    1. My birthday is the 22nd. Happy Birthday Heather! Borrow away on the cartoon--hope I got the source right.

  4. I like February too..the month of love! Enjoy!