Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Salute to Spring with Faux Flowers & Butterflies

I've been spending lots of time in stores shopping for clients. The Spring decor is popping up on shelves.  The colors make me hap-hap-happy. Wait until you see the what I bought. HA! I was drawn to some clusters of colorful mixed faux flowers. Holy Jeepers they even had butterflies bobbing about on top. Fake flora and fauna with bobbing insects. (I must have Spring Fever.)  Fakes have a reputation for being tick-tacky. I did not care.  I had to have them. I marched to the register and purchased two clumps.
See, I had recently bought two B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Mother-of-Pearl lamps for a client's buffet.  (You know, I love me some big-ole-honkin lamps.)  But the space between the lamps begged for 'something'. After an exhaustive search, I found this very longgg arty-farty banana boat thing-y.  The banana boat sported a similar finish to the lamps!

"Ahhhhhh......" said I.

I could make a centerpiece!  But, it might be tricky.  The sides of the boat slope.  Hmmmmm.....what to do?  Boxed moss to the rescue.  The moss I bought is REAL.  So it kinda has a bit o' funk to it.  It's a very organic (kinda reminiscent of the 60's) smell.

Here is the before picture.
Here's the centerpiece in my client's dining room.

The flowers have a bit of violet in them and coordinate with this awesome toile picture I found.

I bought this picture for my client.  This weekend I am going to experiment with framing some fabric!

Have you ever made artwork from fabric?


  1. Love the arrangement - it really suits the table and those awesome lamps. Haven't been to the stores much lately, but can't wait to see all the spring stuff out there. It's exactly what this snowbound Canadian needs right now.

    1. Bless your sweet heart Heather, you have had a rough winter. I bet you are enjoying your garden catalogs and getting ready for spring. Thanks for your thumbs up on the arrangement.

  2. Love it! Who knew Stagger Linda would go faux!

    1. Thanks Patty! StagerLinda did faux and CUTE! Go figure!