Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Musings: 50 Years, really?

I'm watching The Beatles: The Night That Changed America.

Wowie Zowie.  I am taking a trip down memory lane.  I was 'there'' that night in 1964 perched on the floor in front of the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember, my parents rolling their eyes and blowing cigarette smoke with impatience for The Beatles to get off the stage.  My older my brother, a  Beach Boys fan, groused about The Beatles being crap.

You know they say that music is the history of your life?  Well, Beatles' music was my sound track.

Every word, to every song is popping out of my mouth.

I'm doing that crazy head-bob thing (although I think Keith Urban has me beat on range of motion).

I'm still enamored with Paul and wondering who that (young) woman sitting next to him is.

Ringo is being quite the showman.

The Ed Sullivan theatre is filled with happy, joyful, jammin' people.  There is nothing on earth quite like experiencing a live concert.  The audience (a who's who in music) is smiling, clapping, and fist pumping to the music.  Their eyes are catch someone's and they give that "can you believe this!" look.

The Beatles was the sound track to their lives, too. The lucky folks in the audience know they are witnessing a piece of musical history.


How lucky am I to have grown up (and old) with the greatest band in the world?

What music was the sound track of your life?


  1. I too remember that night. Can it really be 50 years ago? I was 8. My (British) mother thought these boys were hooligans and should go back to where they came from. Interesting since that is where she came from. But "they didn't play music like this when I was there" - a mere 4 years earlier. It shaped our lives too - my sisters and I became our own version of The Beatles - playing air guitar - I was Paul, Linda was John (because he was the smart one) and my littler sisters fought over who would be Ringo and George. It truly was a life changing night for so many. Thanks for reminding us.

    1. Ha! My friends and I played Beatles games too. Usually we were the girlfriends. You gotta know I got Paul--and once had dibs he was mine forever.

  2. I remember that night was very exciting!

  3. Linda we were rockin together friend! I remember my dad saying they were a bunch of damn dirty hippies and Ed Sullivan must be a communist. You and me weren't the only ones who knew all the words..the entire arena did...which means one thing..they are universal! and we have very good long term memory :-)

    1. The words were hiding in some deep spot of my brain. I hadn't heard "Hey Bulldog" and "Matchbox" since I was kid!

  4. Diana Ross and the Supremes,
    Yes yes, grew up in a Motown era, with a really cool aunt who had albums and albums and something about that soulful soft talk singing hat broke out in to a concert of soulfulness...ain't no mountain high enough ringing through my body, and lets not forget I say a little pray for you!

    I do have to say I also loved the Beatles, there was was to much great music of the 60's and that movement was daring.
    Carefree days, everything was groovy man!

    This was fun, it took me back to some dreamy days, now my daughter is all up for listening to any oldies, she listens to the LOVE CD of the Beatles often.
    And of course Al Green, Barry White, Johnny Mathis, you name it.


    1. Well Dore Motown was another great love of mine: Marvin Gaye, Tammy Turell, Martha and the Vandella's. I even saw Stevie Wonder when he was only 12 and billed as "Little Stevie Wonder". this trip down memory road. Thanks for commenting Dore

  5. Linda I could not agree more! We must be about the same age because I remember it exactly the same as you! So many great memories!