Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staging the Living Room and SOLD!

UPDATE: On Sunday, this house received FIVE, count 'em 5 offers.  Holly and Joe accepted one that was many, many, MANY dollars over their list price!  Our local paper even mentioned the transaction.  Congratulations Joe and Holly on selling your home in only a few days!

I am going to continue showing you this gorgeous house.

Staging the living Room
Fireplace - After Staging
Did you know that fireplaces are one of the highest priorities for buyers?  This house has a gorgeous paneled fireplace surround that towers to the ceiling.  I emphasized the fireplace by placing a tall metal gate and chunky pillar candlesticks on the mantel.

This living room was challenging to stage. It only has one and a half walls for placing furniture.

Living Room - After

Living Room - Before

I left the long sofa on the long wall.  The large coffee table, matching end tables and brass table lamps were removed.

Living Room - After
On the half-wall, I created a vignette with a wing chair, small chest, and greenery.

Living Room - After

Living Room - Before

I ended up floating the love seat after changing the direction of the carpet to make the room look longer.  The rug was extremely heavy and almost killed my assistant and I, BUT the difference was truly amazing.

Living Room - After
A large ficus and floor plant were placed at the end of the room to draw attention to the architectural features: the fireplace and windows.  I placed an uplight behind the ficus. It is difficult to see in the daylight but very dramatic at night.

Hope you like!  I'm still walkin' on sunshine over the news!


  1. What a difference! The room was nice to begin with but seemed crowded. By removing the tables and changing the lay-out of the carpet, you've created a seemingly large space.

    Congratulations - I'm sure your staging played a large part in selling this home so quickly.

    1. Thanks Heather! Staging this house was a labor of love. I offered to move in because I couldn't stop tweaking ;)