Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Bit of Panache in the Powder

Powder Rooms don't make or break the sale of a house.  For this bathroom, we said bye-bye to the brass and added a big "B".

Fortunately, the owner's last name started with a "B", like moi.  I often pull items from my house for staging.  Convenient!

This Powder Room sported 'a whole alotta brass' as my son said when I showed him pictures of this house. (I've been peddling this gorgeous house for months!) Since my son IS the demographic, we took his comment to heart.

Shiny brass...
and more shiny brass....

Holly and Joe had bigger fish to fry than sinking bucks into replacing all of the brass in the Powder Room.  I suggested that they try painting the brass with Rustoleum Bronze. Joe set up a paint booth in his shop and went to work. The knobs, towel rack, toilet paper holder, etc.--all turned out perfectly!

I stumbled upon the shelf over the towel bar at a consignment shop.  It paired beautifully with the mirror frame. The "B" came from an online vintage shop "Relique". (I'm a sucker for something quirky.) The silver lattice candle is Holly's and is perfect in juxtaposition to the rusty "B". The Tuscan landscape picture frame has a brushed silver/bronze finish and ties in with my other staging accessories.

This is the best picture I have showing a couple of the spray painted knobs.

In the cubby. I added an antique brass framed mirror. There is exposed brass plumbing under the pedestal sink. This brass frame is meant to 'help it all work'. Then I added a pottery vase with flowers and a green box.  See how the hardware on the box ties with the silver candle on the shelf and the Tuscan picture frame?

Only I could go on and on about staging a wee little powder room.  (And, I have so many other rooms to show you!)

Have you DIY-er's tried spray painting fixtures?

Happy Weekend y'all. We are in a yellow fog of pollen--but going barefoot feels great!


  1. You did wonders!
    I (MC) have never spray painted fixtures....Will keep this in my memory bank!

  2. Joe (the owner) is a perfectionist. I know that he sanded them, probably primed them too. They showed no as,etc. Truly as perfect as if they were bought with the bronze finish.

  3. Oh, I spray paint and chalk paint fixtures all the time. I love how you can change things up with a simple can of spray.

    Hope you don't have pollen allergies!

    1. Chalk paint fixtures? That's completely new to me. The pollen is invasive even if you don't have allergies. The only relief is the spring rain.