Friday, April 19, 2013

Special Delivery from Powell Brower Home

Nancy and Bethany of Powell Brower Home are two of my favorite bloggers.  I visit their website frequently.  Have you noticed that they have a "Tag Sale" on their website? Lots of cool loot! Fabric, lamps, pictures, etc. -- check it out.   I have lusted after this Anthropology pillow on their Tag Sale for months.

Isn't she pretty?

I finally contacted Nancy about purchasing it.  It arrived yesterday.  Here is the pillow in my family room.

Love it on my leopard print chair. Gina, (PURA VIDA) you have an-animal-print-lovin'-friend in NC.

My prayers are with the people of Boston and Texas.

It's hard to wish y'all a Happy Friday when there is so much sadness and suffering of our fellow Americans.


  1. oh....animal...on a chair...with a pillow! WHOOP!

    thanks so much for the messages friend! sad times can only get better

    1. Gina I can never rival the abundance of animal print you have so beautifully placed in your home. Glad you like my chair and pillow!

  2. So two of my fav blogging buddies are both animal print lovers? Not a surprise - you two have great taste!!

    Love that pillow - and it works so well on the chair!

    I'm off to the store to get some animal print for SOMEWHERE in my house so I don't feel left out. lol

    1. You go Heather! Can't wait to see what you come up with and where you use it!

  3. so happy you like it and it looks fabulous in your chair Linda! I loved it, but changed my decor that I used it with. Fickle me! Enjoy it.
    xo Nancy

  4. I hear ya Nancy about changing your decor. Not fickle--fun! Thanks for your pillow.