Monday, November 19, 2012

What Goes Around

....comes back around, at least according to Justin Timberlake and House Beautiful.
In fashion, it is touted that if you wore it when it was first in style, then you are too old to wear it when it comes back into style. To that end, you won't find me in bell bottoms or low rise jeans (in my day, we called them 'hip huggers').
So I wonder if that same rule applies to decor?

Here's some of what the December issue of House Beautiful is bringing back in 2013.

Grass Cloth
In my first house,  I papered my entire hallway and family room in Grass Cloth. Oh yeah--it was teal blue grass cloth. LOL! I thought was soooo trendy!

Calming Colors
In the 80's I was the queen of the popular restful colors of the Southwest: Desert Tan, Grey Mist, Oasis Blue, Green Goddess, and Saffron Yellow.

OMG, did you say brass?  I have had an entire house of Baldwin Brass switch plates. Then there was my vast collection of brass animals, chandeliers, coasters and cricket boxes.  My family room end tables had gigantic brass table lamps so tall they could guide a plane in for a landing.  Bookshelves and mantles displayed brass candlesticks and picture frames out the waazooo.

Latest 2013 Trends
What do you think about the resurgence of these blasts from the past?  Can they only be pulled off in an uber contemporary room?

Hope you are enjoying your countdown to Thanksgiving.


  1. Did you say cricket boxes? Oh my gosh...I have not thought of those in years!!!

  2. Ha! Cricket boxes really are a blast from the past!

  3. Look at all the gold spray paint we've used this year!
    Been there and done that on all!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this so important info! :)

  4. I'm on the brass bandwagon - in fact, I put two brass lamps in my neutral living room just off the grass cloth wallpapered hallway (that was there before we moved in, probably from the 80's but it still works). Thought I was being classic not trendy - but then that's the story of my life, just one step away from the main trends. We did remove the brass switchplates though -lol.

    1. I've always loved the warmth of brass. Of course, I like the real solid brass not the yellow-y brass finishes that still abound.

  5. Everything old is new again, right?! I love this cover... great layout. Enjoy your turkey day!

  6. So true. The pros decide and the masses follow! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Jaime.

  7. I love brass, and remember it well. I never thought shag carpeting would be back, and it is. Never say never....they say.