Monday, November 5, 2012

Mz. Smarty Mouth Stages Master Bath

This is the largest Master Bath that I have ever staged.  You could literally park a car in here.  It was cavernous before staging--every whisper echoed.  Here are the Before photos:
See what I mean?
It is cold and sterile...
It took  A LOT of accessories to warm it up and make it appealing. Check out the trash can on the left. There is a story that goes with it.

Here are the AFTER staging photos:

Dark green towels pick up the colors from the master bedroom. The 8'x10' rug was supposed to be used in the living room staging. (The rug I brought for the bathroom looked minuscule.)  A geranium print above the towel rack has the dark green and incorporates the wall colors. It picture also has the shades of brown and gold used to stage this room. Candles add romance.  Here is a picture of the Master Bedroom.
The master bedroom was fine. No staging needed. I just picked up the dark green and red accents.
This is the long shot of the vanity.  I brought in an ottoman to use as a bench. The dark wood and fabric add some much needed warmth. The tall grass brings the eye up to the high ceiling.

Close up of vanity. The woven mat with fabric border anchors the tall grass in the gorgeous black with gold container and large decanters of bath oil and salts. Silk red orchids in Tuscan vases flank the upper level of the vanity on both sides.
The right side has a jumbo candle, decanter of bubble bath and pedestal bowl with decorative soaps and bath sponge.

So here is the story about the trash can.  When the husband saw the staging of the Master Bath Room all he said was, "so where is my trash can?"  I told him it was out of sight, behind the door.  He replied, "What am I supposed to do when I need to throw something away?"  I said, "You neeeeed to walk across the room. "

Bitch Stager.
(uummmm, I was very tired after staging for 11 hours.)



  1. Good Morning "Bitch Stager"! That's cute!
    Great job! Love all the details.

  2. That is a huge bathroom - you really warmed it up!

  3. great job on staging!! with such a huge bathroom im sure it was a bit challenging to really warm it up and make it seem inviting which you accomplished!

  4. stinkin funny! The first thing I saw was the grass...wonderful as a reflection too!

  5. haha that's so funny about the trash can! Men never understand stuff like that!! I've never seen so much floor space in a bathroom! Just putting the rug in there really went a long way to making it feel warmer and less cavernous. I love your accessory arranging on the countertop! So pretty!!

  6. I once had a bathroom that size. I didn't like that there was so much wasted space and so much floor to clean. Your staging makes it look so much warmer. Good job!

  7. I love that you guys can see the humor in my job! Try as I might, I'm not very good a self-editing! I love that y'all take the time to read me. This blog is such a great way to keep a history of my work. THANKS SO MUCH! xxoo ;)

  8. This guy doesn't have a clue, does he? Wonder if he is that difficult in all aspects of his life?

    The bathroom is so much better. I don't understand why builders think that a HUGE bathroom is inviting - what are you doing to do in there - play frisbee?

    1. I agree Heather! Monster bathrooms are wasted space in my opinion. Heather, most builders are male and don't understand the finer nuances of designing useful space. (I expect that remark will get me in trouble...won't be the first time!)

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  10. Linda,
    Where did you get the accesories?

  11. You did such a great job! I am going to attempt to do the same to my bathroom. I really like all the colors incorporated. Thank You.

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