Monday, August 6, 2012

The Lorissa Pump - Staging for Your Feet (I guess...)

I like shoes as much as the next girl.  I even wear some pretty funky and fun shoes for a chick of my advanced years.  But, Holy Hannah, these shoes cracked me up!  I just opened HauteLook to check out their daily specials. Behold the Sam Edleman Lorissa Pump:

Pointy spikes! Pointy spikes! Pointy spikes!

I have 'Lucy' tendencies. 

I can't imagine the damage I would do to myself when crossing my legs or getting into a car.  (No driving in the Lorissa Pump, I  presume.) 

My cat is constantly rubbing against me.  She would be injured and half of her coat would be attached to my pointy spikes. (What ya think Sam? A new look for Winter? Fur attached to the back and heel--call it the Linda Pump?)

Can you see me descending my carpeted stairs when suddenly the pointy spikes from the Lorissa Pump catch in the carpet nap?

Please do correct me if you see folly in my rant. 

Would you wear the Lorissa Pump? 

Hurry!  You can get them for a great price today!




  1. So pretty...would have to be careful when crossing your legs for sure!!