Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anniversary of My First Staging: August 7, 2003

This date is firmly imbedded in my mind. I had been going door-to-door peddling my staging business to local realtors since May.  In 2003, NOBODY in Raleigh was even familiar with the concept of home staging.  I had no bites until a couple, relocated here from California, (where everybody stages) contacted me they were moving.

Here is the only picture I have from that day.

The staging looks pretty dated and elementary by today's standards. I was so proud of myself for opening up the space and placing the furniture on an angle!  (I don't know what I was thinking hanging that stupid wreath up near the ceiling.)

My then-assistant called me a couple of days before and informed me that the California couple was insistant the house be staged by August 7.  There was a Parade of Homes starting that weekend and California couple wanted their house ready for the hoards of people touring Show Homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

I was out of town at my father's funeral when I got the call.  The house, "must be staged."  Back when I let the tail-wag-the-dog, I rose above my grief, went home, put on my professional hat, and got the job done.

By the way, nobody viewed their house that week.

The hoards were only interested in seeing the gorgeous new builder homes.

Live and learn,



  1. Linda, But I am sure the house eventually sold due to your very clever staging! Happy Anniversary

  2. Happy Anniversary! When I was living in North Carolina, I love going to the Parade of Homes, it was so much fun.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog recently! :)


  3. Thanks Jessie! Parade of Homes IS awesome! Love your blog.