Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lamenting, Venting and Staging Your Home at Christmas


I was lunching with a client the other day.  She remarked that she had recently dined at a well known area restaurant. "There was a large table of  'church people' celebrating something. They held hands and prayed--out loud. Nobody wants to listen to that!"  The server brought our meals and the subject was changed.

Here's what I regret not saying. Christians are not particularly concerned with being politically correct. Christians share an inner-knowing about the comfort, support and joy our faith provides.  Most Christians don't intentionally try to publicly piss people off.  But when you get a group of like-minded Christians together sharing celebration, there will be words of gratitude and a simple blessing of our foodChristians pray in public and often out loud.

I wish I was better at articulating my thoughts. Yesterday's San Bernadino tragedy has me incensed, outraged, horrified and terribly sad. I can't wrap my head around work colleagues, innocently  enjoying a Christmas celebration, then being senselessly gunned down. The brutal acts of the twisted Jihad terrorists inspire me speak out, pray harder and pray at full volume.

In days of yore, I advised sellers to limit Christmas decorations. I was parroting staging protocol."Christmas decor could be offensive to non-Christians". Later, I followed my heart and changed my advice. Yes, Christians deck the halls, trim your tree and set up the Nativity!


  1. Amen!! If we live in a country (two different ones actually) that embraces other cultures and religions so opening, we also have to accept different forms of celebrating. I don't think we would ask a Sikh family to take down their blue lights celebrating Diwali, or a Jewish family take down the menorah at Hanukkah. As for decorating when you're home is on the market - just be sure that the realtor comes back and takes pictures once the decorations are down. It dates the listing if there's Christmas decor on a listing showing up in February.
    Rant away, my friend!

  2. When we eat with Mr. PV's family in public...we pray...period. out loud but quietly. I could not be more proud. It's a free country and if there are those who want to pray...then by all means pray. I agree with everything Heather said.

    God Bless America and Praise the Lord!