Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Musings: I'm So Grateful for our Precious Blog Network! Thank You Nancy Powell!

I hope everyone had a grand weekend. 

Gotta tell you about last week.  I had a mini-meltdown. Yep, Mz. Positive went to the dark side.  I was dealing with a stressful client situation.  The client was not difficult.  It was me.  I have been hired to work on an interior design job.  I got S-T-U-C-K. 

Icky-sticky inner voice was screaming, "I'm only a stager."  "What if they don't like what I select?"  "Maybe I am going the wrong direction? "

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, fatigued and pretty much like a failure.

I stepped back and realized I needed help.  I had questions.  Lots of them....

I reached out to a fellow blogger whose work and 'voice' I adore. Many of you know Nancy Powell of  Powell Brower at Home.  Never met Nancy but felt  I needed to talk to her! I called Nancy and left a rambling message about my woos.  Bless her heart, (a Southern thang) she called me repeatedly until she reached me.

Nancy talked me off the cliff.

She listened and offered great advice. Nancy caught up with me while I was babysitting, my precious 3-year old grandson.  Jack was busy bouncing off the walls and seeking my undivided attention.  Despite the distraction of Jack's "Look Mimi" chants, Nancy hung in.  She told me how she and Bethany work their business.  She was a font of knowledge and support.

I finally realized I had been relating to my client like an optometrist.

"Which is better?"

"or this?"

The next day, I talked to my client and she told me she was overwhelmed with making decisions, "I love your staging.  Just design my room like you would if you were staging it."

Have you ever over thought something?

I sure did. 

Thank you, dear Nancy!


  1. Every day, the network of blogging friends is a source of inspiration and friendship to me. Isn't it funny how "strangers" can make such a difference in our lives.

  2. One of the many reasons I love this blogging thing. Nancy listens to me so much I think I need to pay her as my therapist!! We all overthink sometimes!! xo

  3. I am not surprised about how great Nancy was....glad you got unmelted!

  4. I love blogging...we have such giving people in our circle of blogging friends...