Thursday, November 7, 2013

(Night) Stand By Me

I am working with a client to redesign her bedroom.  She requested a pair of matching night stands.  (Since 'matching' is not in my vocab--this was an arduous assignment for moi.)  It wasn't a simple search.  Her bed is higher than the average bear, so the nightstands had to be at least 31" tall.  I think the average night stand ranges from 23" to 28" in height.

After much web research and many trips to furniture stores, we agreed on this one.
Durham Furniture Company
It simply went against my frugal values that this nightstand, albeit beautiful, was priced at $805 each.

I study Craigslist everyday.  I followed a pair of nightstands for a week. At 31" in height and traditional in style, I thought they were perfect. I sent the listing to my clients for consideration.  She saw them, loved them, and purchased the pair for $180.  Score!
CraigsList Raleigh NC

Winner, winner chicken dinner!


  1. You are the Craigslist Queen!!! Great Job!!!

  2. Amazing! And they are going to work beautifully, I think. Well done, Craigslist Sleuth!!

  3. that Craig and his list got it goin' on!

  4. I am TOO devoted to Craigslist! I love that you can find quality pieces and bargain prices and not have to pay tax. I think I need to start a new business resourcing from CL!

  5. Great job!! Your client must be thrilled you saved her so much money!