Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Musings: Living Your Life Purpose

Happy Sunday everyone.

The purpose of our life is possibly the most important question of our existence. 

When my purpose finally became clear to me it seemed trivial.  I'm not here to find the cure for cancer, do missionary work, or save the planet from global warming.  My purpose is simple.  It is something I have done my entire life without being aware of it.

I make strangers feel good.  I'm a compliment-giver.  Crazy life purpose, huh?

I have always noticed great things about other people but have often been shy about telling them.  How silly!  There is nothing sweeter than making someone else feel special by delivering a sincere compliment.

Here we go with simple examples:
I compliment a little boy on his good manners. It went over the little boy's head, but his mother beamed with pride.

I compliment a very large African American woman on her great style.  She nailed every detail of her ensemble: jewelry, dress, sandals and bag.  She looked beautiful and effortless in this exhausting heat.  She gave me a very big hug and said, "Thank you, Ma'am!"

I compliment the grocery clerk, "you are always so helpful to me."  She looks up from her register like she hasn't heard correctly.  Then she flashes the most beautiful smile.

I compliment an elderly woman on her incredible blue eyes.  She looks into my eyes an extra second and whispers, "thank you".

I've always envied people that had a big, important life purpose.  Oprah, I'm not. If you are a stranger that crosses my path you just might get a compliment you didn't expect.

I'm so lucky. It is so very sweet to give a compliment and feel that moment of gratitude!

Has your life's purpose been reveal to you?


  1. And that is just one of the reasons that you are extra special in my eyes, Linda. Even through your blog, you compliment people. How sweet.

    As for my purpose - I think it's driving my husband crazy. But seriously, I think I'm a nurturer - a close friend told me recently that I'm the most nurturing person she knows. It threw me because I really don't think I am. But I think she meant that I make everyone feel comfortable, I make sure they have everything they need and am always there for people to talk to. I thought that was just being a good person.

    1. Being a nurturer is more than being a good person--it is a calling. You may think it is just being a good person but it is your purpose. Knowing how to make everyone feel comfortable is a true art--and not everyone is even remotely good at it. Thanks for sharing Heather. I always enjoy your insights.

  2. Your new white rock will say "complimenter"
    Rev 2:17

    loved this post!! very much!

  3. What a sweetheart you are, Linda! I know I'm not alone in appreciating your kind comments on my blog, you always make me feel good! Have a wonderful weekend!