Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Musings: How Do You Create Success?

Happy Sunday all!  Beautiful day here in Raleigh, NC.

My handyman, Dave, has been on a mission trip this week.  I decided to pick up a paint brush and work on staining the deck renovation myself.  The weather has been BEAUTIFUL. Being outside AND accomplishing something is a the best feeling!.

I've been listening to old books on YouTube, mostly Deepak Chopra, while I work. It's kinda like a working meditation.  Just me, nature, the brush and Deepak spilling his wisdom.  I needed to hear a lot of what he has to say.  I've been noticeably not writing for a few weeks.  I became overwhelmed with the rules of successful blogging: write daily or 4 times a week, always include beautiful pictures, must have a catchy title, make it relevant but original, etc. etc. etc.

I love this quote from Deepak:

"If you focus on success, you'll have stress.  But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed."

Ever feel like your focus is disoriented?  I do.  I did.  It is particularly difficult when I read so many of your great blogs.

I think my focus is sharpening.    

I'm looking forward to posting next week.

Thanks for listening, folks!

I'm so blessed to have such a lovely community of friends.


  1. No truer words were spoken. And "success" is not a fixed thing. If you are successful posting once a week, who says you have to post every day? Those people who have 10,000 hits per day and are making tons of money from AdSense should post every day. But those of us who write to share need only do it at our pace.

    Deepak and painting in the warm weather - sounds like a heavenly day. I spent the day in the garage working on a few projects, paintbrush in hand and oldies music on the radio, taking a break to sit under the trees with hubby. It was a great day.

  2. one of my favorites to myself...don't demand perfection...just excellence

  3. I say keep it up as long as you're loving it. Don't really let outsiders put pressure on you. There are no better and more soothing words than from that great teacher. I stained my whole deck with a brush, too and I really enjoyed it.
    xo Nancy