Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The #1 Easiest, Simpliest, Quickest Staging Tip You May Never Have Heard

I typically get a "REALLY?" response from sellers when I mention this tip.  It hit me the other day as I was explaining these reasons to a seller, that maybe you guys had never heard it.

Remove window screens
Window screens are magnets for dirt, dust, and pollen.  Screens diminish the natural light by up to 40%.  There is never enough light inside a home.  Natural light is a take-for-granted-amenity buyers seek. Screens also diffuse the view outside.  We are selling that view.  Buyers need to see clearly through your windows to appreciate the outside space they are buying.
Becker Morgan

I've yet to meet an attractive window screen. They are most definitely function over beauty. Removing your window screens makes your house more aesthetically pleasing. Wouldn't this house look more attractive with the screens removed?
Phonix Window
I love me some fresh air!  But, here in the Southeast, we only have a handful of days per year for keeping windows open. The window of opportunity (pun!) for needing window screens is limited because the pollen fairy comes a callin' minutes after Ole Man Winter retreats.

Window screens should be stored in the attic or garage for the next owner.  Buyers will see them and know they don't have to invest in buying them should they care to put them back.

My clients are always amazed at the difference removing window screens makes.  Maybe you want to consider removing your screens even if your house isn't on the market!


  1. Oh I wish we didn't have to have screens here in Canada, but the mosquitos and flies would kill us. Or as my MIL used to say "close the door, the flies are marching in".

    That being said, I usually remove them once the cold weather hits because of all the reasons you said above.

    Great tip.

  2. That is interesting! I do not like window screens so therefore have never even thought of this!

  3. You have it absolutely CORRECT! I leaned this when I sold new homes for a builder and staged the models. No screens, ever! I haven't had them on my windows since!
    It's funny, neighbors can't figure out why our home is so "bright"! Then I tell them the secret!

  4. Excellent tip for staging; not practical for living if, like me, you live in a temperate climate with no air conditioning and lots and lots of mosquitoes, moths, and other bugs. A European colleague removed all the screens from his vintage (read "no AC") house when he first moved here because he, too, didn't like their dimming effect and they don't need them in northern Europe (at least they don't think they do--I beg to differ). He was quite smug about it, too, as if we yahoos were too stupid to "see the light." He threw the windows open for his big summer housewarming party and the bugs were so thick that people couldn't stand it and left early. He had thrown out all the screens during renovations so had to replace them at great expense.

  5. I am a believer, even though my screens are in place over my windows in my current home. I went without them for years and I kind of missed being able to open the windows on a few warm breezy spring days. I do agree that it looks nicer to go without screens, though.

  6. Natural lighting has its own way of adding life to a space! Who would want to live in a dark space? A bright house is always pleasing to the eyes, creating a positive mood. Keep everything clean and in order to make a lasting positive impression to potential buyers.