Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pagodas Please

Dalton Pratt
Aren't these the cutest wee lanterns? The design is so spot-on! Love those little hanging thingys. The colors are vibrant, yet neutral. I can see a variety options for staging with these little beauties. 

Natch, lanterns and outdoors are a perfect match.  They will be a welcomed addition to my deck.  As I write, my 'sunburned' deck is being restructured and will be restained.  With a facelift, comes new accessories!

A black pagoda on this coffee table top would pick up the B&W prints on the gallery wall.  The red pagoda would lend a fabulous pop of color.  The blue pagoda would be blue on blue but is a little matchy-matchy for me.  The metal structure of the pagodas would add another layer of texture to the room.
Elizabeth Michael
A pagoda would be cute on the middle bathroom shelf.  Placed in front of the mirror, the reflection would add depth. The gold of the mirror frame and the trim on the pagoda would coordinate the two. Add a fragrant votive to make your pagoda functional.
L. Krumm
(The styling of these shelves is perfect. Is it necessary to leave/add tissue in the trash can?)

Three matching pagodas would look great as an unexpected triptych on this kitchen window ledge.  A single pagoda could be used for staging a countertop vignette.
Hendel Homes
A pagoda on this nightstand would be fun. Placed on the second shelf, where the bowl of shells resides, the reddish-coral would kick it up a notch.  I am particularly fond of staging accessories on stacks of books.  Books would create a stage for the pagoda on the nightstand.

I have high hopes of finding a knock off of these lanterns.  At $90 a piece, they are a bit pricey for me.

But then, it will be a business expense :)


  1. I agree, $90 is too high! I'm sure they will be "everywhere" in no time! I think I'd go to $19.99!

  2. Patty, I did look similar lanterns but didn't see anything similar in style. Let me know when you run into the mock-offs!

  3. Love your suggestions, LInda. Especially the coral one in place of those shells (which always seem a bit "washed out" to me). But at $90 each, they wouldn't be coming home with me. Maybe they'll show up at Home Goods soon.