Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Enticing Commercial Staging Lures in Customers

I can't get enough of good design.  This logo rocks.

Drybar is blow-out-only salon that started in LA.  Drybar is a great example of commercial staging perfected.

Curb appeal extraordinaire! Love the open door. Isn't the yellow table with flowers in front of the salon smart?
Welcome to Drybar's waiting area.
Set design thinking
set design thinking
Framed chalkboard menu in front window. (Looks like somebody has been reading Pinterest, huh?)

Set Design Thinking
Cute powder room. Hair dryer light fixture in front window is an awesome 'wow' factor!
Set Design Thinking
Very chic gray/white and yellow color combo.  Simple and elegant refreshment station.  You know I love me some organic elements: fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers!
Set Design Thinking


  1. Looks ideal!
    LA perfect location... young girls with long hair and lots of disposable incomes!!!

  2. Patty, they have a Drybar in Atlanta! I know you want to pay $35 for a blow out. The retail in my neck of the woods is so boring compared to this storefront. Love it!

  3. Love it! How L.A. is that! Wouldn't it be nice to just have it done once? Just to experience a place like this?

    And on a completely other note.....I've noticed you starting to get a few spam comments (like the one above). Word of warning....if you get 1, you'll soon be getting them by the dozens. DON'T visit their website or homepage, cause you never know what could happen. That's why I now have comment approval and word verification on my blog. Hope you don't mind me pointing this out, just don't want you to get spammed my friend. Hugs.

    1. The Spam is starting to pour in....I don't go to their websites but thanks for the warning. I guess I will need to do word verification. My mentor, Maria Killam who helped me launch my blog, told me to take it off. Thanks Heather!

  4. I've come back to this blog post a couple times and, yes, the logo is eyecatching and witty and the place looks lovely but...really, there is a place that charges $35 to put a blow drier to your hair? And enough people pay for this so they can make payroll and rent every month?

    There are many (MANY!)things worse than this, but this bit of superfluous consumption just makes me feel a bit ill.

  5. I believe you do get your hair shampooed, conditioned and products applied. I can NEVER get my hair to look as good as my stylist does. I think for a special occasion, between regular hair appointments, it would be a great service. My stylist throws in a head massage that would make you drool. That would help justify the price. I'm sorry you had such a strong reaction, Adele. As always, thanks for commenting Adele.