Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fabulous Ideas to Recycle and Reuse Distressed Shutters

I went nuts when I stumbled on the website for these pictures (www.inspirationgreen.com).
Love, love, love these ideas for using old shutters.

I had to share them with you!  Enjoy!

Isn't this wall of shutters fun?  Perfect way to add texture, color and dimension to a space.
Olive and Love
Gorgeous headboards.
The Queen of all-things-creative, Martha Stewart, made a breezy and beautiful armoir with
her shutters.
Martha Stewart
Lookie-lookie: arched shutters in the kitchen.
Jane Coslick
Shutters mounted inside these living room windows provide a great focal point.
Clever use of shutters in your office. (Who'd a thunk of framing your bulletin board with shutters!)
No Source Acknowledged
 Create sofa table using a shutter--brilliant!  Love the negative space around it for staging.


  1. I totally love these ideas! many I never would have thought of! Love the frames on the inside of windows and that console table! hope all is well Linda.
    Xo Nancy

    1. Aren't they great, Nancy? I'm great--currently on vacation but still can't resist the lure of design blogs!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Patty! I bet MC could work some magic on old shutters.

  3. I love shutters and these are some great ideas of how to use them - I especially like the headboards.
    A fun post!
    (Also your "remove the screens" from your previous post is a GREAT idea - I had never thought of that!). xo

    1. Thanks Sherri! Appreciate the thumbs up on the screens post, too.

  4. Replies
    1. Aren't they cute! Much better than the ones we made from wooden fencing, huh?

  5. I LOVE all of these. May have to journey over to the Habitat Resale store to look for stray shutters.