Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sherwin Williams 'New' 2013 Colors & Gag Gift

My job as a stager is to create environments that a potential buyer can relate to.  Relating to your buyer is Marketing 101. I was recently invited to attend a Color Mix 2013 seminar presented by out-of-town-high-rollers at Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams is only holding these events in 7 states.  I was all a twitter about attending.  I was anxious to get the scoop on the latest colors! I couldn't wait to write a post about it.  That was last month.
Vintage Moxie          Honed Vitality        High Voltage            Midnight Mystery

I couldn't figure out why I was so uninspired by this event. There were lots of folks (many realtors) in attendance. You can spot a gentleman NC realtor from 500 feet. Their uniform is khaki pants and a button down shirt. The ladies realtors, in their sensible shoes, were en mass. Oh yes, the interior designers (most dressed like a Bravo Housewives) were there too.  I enjoyed chatting it up with them.

Anywho, last night I  started a fire, poured myself a glass of Merlot and pick up one of my many coffee table books. As I was thumbing through a book on artist Mary Cassatt, it hit me that one of her works "A Cup of Tea" had a similar color palatte to one that Sherwin Williams is lauding for 2013.

Here are the colors of  SW's 'Honed Vitality'.

I know I am old school.  I know I love art and it isn't every one's cup of tea. (Yowzer, a pun!)  I'm just saying, if SW had included at least a few images by renowned artists corresponding to their color palettes maybe I could better relate to their 2013 colors.

What's old is new, right?

Maybe SW's images of Steampunk and a Biknit Chaise are most relevant for marketing in 2013. 

Steampunk - SW's Midnight Mystery colors
By Patricia Urquioia-Honed Vitality
What do you think?  What piques your interest when it comes to experimenting with new colors?

Gag Gift Christmas Gala

I snagged a black sequined feather boa and rhinestone tiera at our neighborhood Christmas Party Monday night.  I soooo loved it!
Party Pose after Xmas Cheer
Wouldn't you know it, on last round a new girl in the 'hood stole it from me!  
I ended up with a Santa boot with a silver tensile tree sprouting from the top.

Ain't it the way....


  1. Love that game. Usually end up with something dumb! Too bad you had to give up the boa!! Looks "Fab"!
    On one of the bloggers posts a couple of weeks ago a longer SW Color forecast was shown and my Silver Strand was on it!!! My 2009 paint color that I used again in the Bucket List House...New? I don't think so!

  2. So Silver Strand was included as a new 2013 color? Too funny. Those folks are selling Snake Oil--old stuff in a new package. It all felt to contrived to me. Miss my boa...and my tiera!

  3. Darn, the feather boa and tiara looks damn good!! Darn new girls!!

    As for the SW event - hmmmm. I sense your disappointment. Hate when I'm all geared up for something and it turns out to be a dud - but most of these marketing things tend to be a bit on the dull side. I like how you've taken the colour theories and used them in art - great way to relate.

    1. Yea Heather I was feeling that boa and tiara! I was disappointed at the SW event. Thanks for confirming that they do tend to be dull!

  4. You are a smart and fun lady! I love the art in relation to relates!

    1. My absolute favorite thing is to LAUGH. (My family says I have "LEL" Low Entertainment Level. They are so right!

  5. Love the tiara! I agree with you that an array of inspiring images to underscore the palette would help.

  6. Kerry I think you are a tiara girl, too!

  7. Haha that's funny, I love that game!

    ps. Where did you find your site background? I'm bored of my solid turquoise.