Monday, December 24, 2012

JOY, JOY, JOY and the Absent Minded Santa

2012 has been an outstanding holiday season!  Friends and family seem to be embracing and seeking joy and comfort in being together.  We've attended more Christmas gatherings than usual.  Friends old and new thoroughly enjoy our little party.  Maybe the tragedy of Sandy Hook has made us all more grateful for every relationship and every opportunity to be together.

I've have been an Absent Minded Santa this year.
  • I left a platter of chicken salad canapes in the refrigerator instead of serving them at our party.

  • I failed to send my elderly Aunt Julia in Arkansas a Christmas card and chatty update.

  • I made a goody basket of towels, etc. for my SIL to celebrate her new kitchen remodel (which is awesome, BTW)!  We had our Christmas visit this past weekend and I left it home. 

  • We adopted 4 needy kids for Christmas. I was about to deliver the toys when I realized I had not bought a guitar for the 3 year old.  God Bless my BFF, Virginia, who ran to Target, found the perfect one (after texting me many of selections) and bought it for me...  Rutt Row--I haven't reimbursed her yet.

  • I didn't buy heavy cream to make the Pioneer Woman's Potatoes Au Gratin for Christmas dinner. So, I will be hitting the madhouse mania of the Christmas Eve Grocery Store.
Pioneer Woman

Truly inconsequential inconveniences that are easy fixes.  I used to strive for perfection and make myself an anxiety-ridden mess.  Now, I realize it will all work out. 

May you and your families enjoy the magic of Christmas.
Laugh a lot, eat a lot, love a lot, hug a lot.


  1. These are the things that make our Christmas Memories!
    Merry Christmas....

    1. You are SO right, Patty! Merry Christmas to you and MC!

  2. Oops, I think it's catching. After serving turkey dinner to our boys on Sunday (Our Christmas), I realized the plates didn't look as full as usual. That's because I left the stuffing on the counter to get cold. Nothing a bit of hot gravy couldn't fix.

    Merry, merry, my friend.

  3. I just heard the best quote, "If you can't laugh at yourself, you miss the best joke of the day". So true...we are all doing the best we can....Imperfections and all. Happy Holidays.