Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quick Tip to Reduce Holiday Spending

Hi folks!  Aren't we all crazy-busy this time of year?  Between work and play, I've had nary a minute to chat with you.

We just returned from a fun trip to NYC.  Christmas in New York City is magical.  The City was crowded but everyone was joyful and in the holiday spirit. It snowed while we were there Saturday.  Yippee! What fun to cruise the store fronts and Rockefeller Center in snowfall!
At Cartier's, I drooled over the display of countless sparkling diamonds. I had never seen a zillon caret yellow diamond--what a beauty!

The endless details of the couture gowns at Versace amazed me. Tiny little beading and tucks hand were sewn to perfection.

Here's were we stayed.  And, here is where our spending escalated.

Iroquois Hotel Manhatten
 I put this
in the back pocket of  these

and it plunged into this

Bye-bye 1,000 pictures and texts.  Bye-bye client contact list.  Bye-bye friends and family info.

Buy-buying a new I-phone was NOT on my holiday spending list.

Quick Tip to Reduce Holiday Spending:  Don't put your cell phone in your jeans and hit the loo.


  1. Replies
    1. Typically, I am diligent about checking my phone. I must have been distracted by our NYC adventures.

  2. Oh no!! I have almost done just that. Luckily mine bounced off the seat and landed on the floor. Would love to visit NYC at Christmas some day!

    1. You must put NYC at Christmas on your Bucket List!

  3. Oh no!!! I did that once two days before Christmas. Fortunately it was a company phone, so it didn't come our of my pocket. It was actually clipped to my waistband - hah ha.

    1. Oh how I wish it was a company phone. Well, I guess it is, it is my work phone but I'm the CEO so it is coming out of my pocket!

  4. Oh my Linda, I am so sorry. We can all relate to what that means. I hope you had "Backup Assistant" with your phone service. Your trip sounded awesome up until this point. I hope it doesn't put a damper on Christmas for you. Have a wonderful holiday and a blessed New Year with lot of staging and blog success! xo Nancy

  5. Thanks Nancy! Nothing can put a damper on Christmas! I hope you girls have a wonderful Christmas and 2014 is prosperous and filled with success. xo Linda