Friday, December 6, 2013

FAQ: Do you sell the items you put in staged homes?

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I usually do not sell my staging props.  I buy items based on scale, texture, color and interest.  So, I have a group items in different categories that can work together.

When I first started staging (11 years ago), mauvy pink and powder blue accessories were still popular.  I let folks buy those funky colored items.

Do you remember balls: twig, ceramic, glass, etc?  The may still be popular but I don't use them for staging anymore.  I gifted my balls to my friends.

Stuff that goes out of style (skinny candlesticks, little pillows, those vases with lines and swirls in them--do you know what I'm talking about?) or things that don't photograph well (clear glass, smallish pictures) go to Goodwill.

How about that miserable monster storm!  Stay warm my friends!  It was 79 degrees here today.  Freezing rain forecast for tomorrow night.  Cra-Cra weather.
Happy weekend!


  1. I can't imagine what sort of treasures you have hidden in your storage. Where do you store everything - at home or in a rental unit?