Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Color This Bedroom Re-Do Colorfully DONE!

I finally finished my client's bedroom!  It would have been faster if I weren't so 'thrifty'. 

Rug was $225 at Pier 1. Chevron throw $14.99 at Tuesday AM.  Grey bed treatment from Kohl's (client bought). Red bed treatment from Macy's $149. Two small aqua pillows (with tassels and silver medallions) from Ross $6.99 each.  Starburst $89 from Pier 1.  Four black framed prints I did myself using Michael's frames.  Lamps $69 each at Home Goods. Craigslist night stands $170 and leather ottoman $280. Sheer Voile Curtain Panels $14.99/package of two came from Tuesday AM (an exhaustive search to many of their stores to collect 5 packs). 

Wall color Benjamin Moore Tranquil Blue.  My client freaked when she saw me carry in the red rug and comforter.  She said she called her husband and whisper-screamed "Linda is putting RED in our bedroom!"  I saw the panic in her eyes and told her to trust me.  I'm sure it was a long afternoon for her as she waited until her room reveal.
Statue was $35 from TJ Maxx (years ago).  Three Aquamarine candle holders $29 from Z Gallery.
Look at this vintage tray I got at our local Thieves Market for $85! Beveled mirror with etching!  It is a beauty!  The mirror was my splurge item.
Love these little' jewelry holders' I picked up for a few dollars also from the Thieves Market.
Here is the BEFORE.
My client is very happy!


  1. Looks great - love that lamp!!!

    So much better than that green!!!

  2. I find it kind of funny that someone who lived with neon green and red would need to scream-whisper that you were putting red in the bedroom. :-0 I'd rather see a more traditional rug that pulls in both the reds and blues but that would probably have blown the budget. Your clients should really appreciate how much bang you've given them for their buck.

    There is one thing I see in this room that I see in many others that I just don't understand: the lamps are placed on the outer edge of the bedside tables. Looks nice (and those lamps are fantastic!) but makes them fairly useless for reading in bed and for easily turning off or on while still in bed.

    1. I SO agree Adele about the lamps, Adele. The client uses the overhead light. The lamps were the first purchase and actually she placed them on the diagonal before I loaded the rest of the room.

      I also get your point about the rug. I was on the hunt for a multi colored rug however, the bedding she bought is grey with a white design. EVERY rug I shopped for had a background color of beige, brown or ivory which would have looked muddy or dirty when paired with the white.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. It's always a delight to hear your spin!