Monday, March 25, 2013

The Bee's Have It

A deacon's bench has been on my porch for many years.  My husband brought it in yesterday so I would have room to stack some outgoing staging stuff.
 Last summer Carpenter Bees decided it was tasty and drilled a hole into it.  My exterminator adores lecturing on the malice of insects.  I admit I nodded off somewhere between the mating habits and destruction at maturation.  Exterminator John sprayed it after removing the batting I stuffed inside and duct tape barrier I had masterfully placed.  (Why did I think that would keep them out when they can bore through wood?) 
Mick's Exterminating
In the living room yesterday evening, I heard a buzzing extraordinaire.  There, on the window, was the largest bee I've ever seen.  I mean horror movie big.  And that sucker was ANGRY.  He whipped himself against the window over and over in a whirling dervish.   Mr. Cowboy came to my rescue with a paper towel and cradled him until released outside.

Later, I hear the same buzzzz.....zapppp....zappp into the window.  How can this bee (pun alert!)?  I saw #1 take flight.  Yep,  you got it! #2 was out of the coven ready to torment me.
Only with #2's appearance did we realized that somehow these boogers had endured the winter in  our deacon's bench.  I guess when the warm air inside hit them they decided to come out and play.

Can you imagine if that deacon's bench had been used for staging?

Just saying.....


  1. Did not realize that bees could bore through wood. A good lesson for those of us who like to move things inside and out. Hope that #2 was the end of them.

  2. Where is that bench now?
    Are you sure they are ALL gone?.....
    We had them a few years back enjoying our Pergola! Put a quick end to that!

  3. I love bees...very misunderstood...but don't want them on my deacon's bench...just my picnic table!