Saturday, March 9, 2013

Atrophe of A Post

Hello all of  my lovelies!

I think of you daily and sit down to write to you....and nothing will spill out of me.  Hmmmm....this is so disconcerting.  It is not for a lack material.  I have achieves of tips and tales.  I've been busy with   new clients.  Stories abound...

Lots of good stuff, but still no flow, no cohesion -- just lots chaotic gibberish.
My best effort is a wee line or two or uninspired blah-bah-blah.

Big, Big Sigh

Methinks I have fallen prey to:   (enter music cue: Da Da Dom..)

The  "One Year Anniversary Curse!"
Yea, I know it doesn't exist.  It is just some Cra-Cra thing I have invented to use as an excuse.

Please hang with me my lovelies.
StagerLinda will  reappear.  She is just waiting for her  moo-ju to realign with her muse.

Hope all of you have a glorious weekend. 


  1. Hi Linda - I was feeling exactly the same way a few weeks ago. I don't know if it was the winter duldrums or just a lack of inspiration. But now that our spring has finally started to arrive, I'm feeling those old juices again.

    I was pressuring myself to make sure I wrote every single day. And once I accepted that this wasn't going to happen, it all started to come back. Your readers will still be here when you're ready.

    In the meantime, step away from the computer and do something that you love.

  2. Dear Linda,
    I, too, know how you feel. Can't put my finger on it? I've been there a few times, have been at this for 4 1/2 years. You will come back, when the time is right. Don't fret!
    I'm here when you are ready.
    Relax, enjoy some "me" time.

  3. Your moo-ju or mojo or whatever you want to call it seems pretty good to me. Not being anywhere near the one year mark myself, I have no good advice for you. Just this...I enjoy your are clever and funny. So I would just say...write what you know, what's interesting to you and be your charming self :)

    Happy weekend Linda!

  4. A while back I was really excited by you MLS Mondays feature. It was informative and interesting. Sometimes having something concrete in front of you is the best way to tackle a problem--you don't need to search for inspiration and the creative muse. Start small if you need to, but start.

    I say this from year's of experience with writing and sometimes writer's block.