Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shopping is a Perk of Staging

I am always inspired when staging a new house to shop alot. This little beauty is PERFECT for staging.  It is small in scale and be used as an end table, bedside table, 'loveseat' (as opposed to sofa) table, or a console table in a hallway or foyer. Love-a-dub-dub multi use furniture!

I was shopping for fabric at Printers Alley and stumbled onto this little thing-y. The tag read, "pencil holder- $25".  That is crazy expensive but I was mad for it. It sported a Fluer de Lis on top AND, it twirls!  I adore interesting items for staging. Wouldn't it be cool holding napkins and cutlery or make up brushes in a bathroom?  Do you have any suggestions for other uses?  Oh! see that urn in the background?  I found that a local Rescue Mission store. I planted 3 small asparagus ferns in it.  Love the Old World charm of it and the fresh look of the ferns.

I was in a neighboring town and drove past "Steven's Consignment".  Maggie (my car) did an immediate U-Turn.  The nice lady climbed up high on a ladder to bring down this picture for my closer inspection.  SOLD!  I think I might keep in in our foyer instead of using it to stage. I'll show you an up close shot.  Then one of it in my foyer.  It shows how StagerLinda really lives.  No perfection here: coats strewn on chairs, dog lease and cowboy's smokes out, wrapped hostess gift ready for's real life babe!

The frame on this picture is tres riche. The colors are captivating and the composition unusual and interesting.

Better start prepping for my staging on Tuesday: pulling inventory, Windex-ing pictures and accessories, washing and ironing linens, hit the grocery for my Granny Smith apples, creating practice vignettes, wrapping, packing and loading. 


  1. I really want your job. If only i had the skills...haha!

    I love a versatile piece of furniture too. And such a pretty painting you found! Your house looks pretty neat to me Linda :)

    1. Karen you are so sweet. You have mad skills. I do love my job!

  2. Replies
    1. I do love it Heather! I try not to shop unless I have a house I am working on--it gives me an excuse.

  3. and you do an incredible job of both!

  4. Thanks Gina! I hope to do an outstanding job tomorrow!