Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 5 Accessories You Need to Buy for DIY Staging - #5

This is the last installment of my series for DIY staging.  Let's recap:
#1  New Bed Treatments
#2  Lamps! Lamps! Lamps!
#3  Organic Elements
#4  Big Bold Art
 and now....
#5  New Welcome Mat

I know a Welcome Mat is not sexy or exciting.  But first impressions are everything.  99% of the houses I consult on don't have a suitable (much less attractive) Welcome Mat.

While the real estate agent is fumbling with the lock box and key (no disrespect-lock boxes can be tricky to open and often have multiple keys and 2 sets of locks to figure out), the potential buyer is accessing the entrance area.  Old, dirty welcome mats send the wrong message for what to expect.  The front door should be freshly painted and the light fixtures sparkling.

I know you have seen front porches like the one pictured below.  Notice how the owner's created a warm, inviting entrance.  A potential buyer will be eager to step inside.
Don't you adore this porch?  This painted  'welcome mat' sets the stage for this house.
Isn't this entrance is gorgeous!  Bright red geraniums lead you to the front door. I would nix the mat on the first step.  The welcome mat in front of the door should be in proportion to the size of the front door.  A larger Welcome Mat would look more grand for this elegant entrance.

Love, love, love this non-traditional welcome mat! The cheery colors make you eager to enter this house!
Selling your house is no time to display cute sayings ("Wipe Your Paws") at your front door.  (I'm not a big fan of wreaths either.) My preference for most homes is a simple Welcome Mat with a plain design in coconut husk.
Staging your house is not costly.  The return on investment is high and you get to take your new accessories with you to your next home.  Investing in the Top 5 Accessories You Need for DYI Staging will result in a quick sale and top dollar for your property.  Really.


  1. Replies
    1. I always tell seller's their welcome mat must be replaced. Since they are inexpensive, they readily comply. However, bed treatments can be expensive and a lot of times they don't get why I think their (ugly) bedding needs replacing. Thanks Patty!

  2. I always laugh at the one that says "go away", but you are correct...not good for selling.

    1. The 'go away' mat is pretty funny! I always say how you live in your home and how you sell your house are two completely different things.

  3. Couldn't agree more...looking for a house now, you can't believe the entries I'm seeing.

    1. Oh! Makes me crazy! 2013 and people still don't get the value of a professional stager! But, it is there loss... Thanks for your comment Karen.