Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Oscars Trigger Cra-Cra "Designer's Brain"

Did you watch the Oscar's last night?

I watched the E! Oscar preshow and the first hour of the big event. (Don't think I'm cool enough to get Host Seth MacFarland's witicisms.)  I did check back to see some great moments, like Barbra.

While most folks were watching the performers, I was studying the stage design.  

They saw this:


I saw this:

I stumbled across this fabric online Saturday.  I'm considering this fabric, "Fahari Hibiscus", for a project.
OK, is it just me?

Did my train jump the track or do you get the reason I correlated the two?

Have you ever fallen victim to "Designer's Brain"?

Maybe I really am "Cra-Cra"!



  1. Wasn't Barbra great?! She made me many memories!

    Love that fabric .....the colors and the design. I've seen it used and it looks great. I totally know what you mean and I get the connection with the set. I'm always looking at set design. You ain't cra cra! ;)

    1. Oh yeah, Barbra made me tear up: Hubble, the hair touch, etc. brought back ancient memories! I love that fabric. Think I am too scared to use it in my house. (You know--harder to pull the trigger on your own projects than clients?)

    2. Can't listen to it without crying - my favourite moment is when she called him when he's away and says "it's me" - I don't know why - there's so much hope and disappointment in her voice. And the hair touch - oh the hair touch.

    3. I know Heather. It certainly brought back "Memories" for me.

  2. I thought it was one of the best Oscars in a long time - didn't know who Seth McFarlane was, but am now a fan.

    As for the design connection, I get it - the circles of Oscars was retro brilliant. As for your Cra - Cra, don't think so.

    1. OK I won't check in to the cra-cra place just yet. I looked at the background 'pinwheels' and the 'print' on the floor and thought it was weird that fabric flashed through my mind--instead of the joke!

  3. At this point, Linda, the Oscars are no longer on my Must See list! Clicked on to the end....actually thought it would be over and was looking for a recap! I can not believe that show lasted from 7pm until midnight! Insane!

  4. Very clever...I did get it but it took me a minute.

  5. You are too funny! I did watch the Oscars but my in laws were here and it was hard to listen. Love that fabric...and i was lik eyou and looking at the design in the background too... i would love it if you would go vote for the new contest i am in on olioboard!! you were so kind to vote for me before...