Friday, February 1, 2013

Top 5 Accessories You Need to Buy for DIY Staging #2

This post is the second post in my series on the items you can buy to self-stage your house.
#2.  Lamps!
A room can't have too much light.  

Michael J. Smith
Sarah Richardson
Let there be light
I have yet to consult on a house for sale that has adequate lighting.  I will never understand folks aversion to buying lamps.  Lamps can be expensive but they make a huge impact on how your house shows.  The first thing a realtor does before the potential buyer tours your house is turn on all lights and lamps.  Proper lighting shows your house to its best potential.

Admittedly, I am a lamp junkie.  But I am a bargain shopper. Even high-end interior design shops often have lamps at reasonable prices.  Of course, Craigslist and consignment shops are a great resource if you don't want to pay retail.  I've stumbled on some great finds at HomeGoods, too.

A pair of candlestick lamps look great on a buffet.
AM DolceVita

Floor lamps look fabulous near upholstered chairs used for reading.  Floor lamps can be used near a sofa. However, you must build a vignette around it so it doesn't look like a flag pole extending out of the sofa.
This is a gorgeous master bedroom that is bathed in several light sources.

Small lamps are perfect on kitchen countertops, on bathroom vanities, and used in built in bookcases.  See how the small lamp above lightens the dark corner?

I have been in luxury homes where the only lamps on the main floor consisted of a floor lamp and two matching table lamps.  You know, the 3-in-a-box-set courtesy of BBB.  Use your 20% discount coupon and 'winner, winner chicken dinner'. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, "not that there is anything wrong with that" but with a little shopping, there are alternatives.
Bed, Bath and Beyond

As I mentioned in my last post, accessories can move with you.  Here again, you can purchase new lamps for your house to show at its best and take them with you to use in your new home.

Buy a few stylish, contemporary lamps!  New lamps will update your decor and add a lovely ambiance to your home for sale.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. I so agree. The 1st thing I did when we re-did our hall bath was purchase a new lamp. I love to turn on the lamp and off the overhead lighting when we have guests over. The soft glow of the lamp makes the bathroom so much more than just a bathroom.

  2. Connie I wish everyone got it like you do! Yes, a small lamp can make such a difference between soft ambiance and a harsh glare. Guests can figure out where the powder room is when the lamp the on.

  3. The proper lighting makes or breaks a home showing. Great Post!

    1. Thanks so much Patty! As a realtor, your affirmation can speak to the importance of lighting much more than I.I so appreciate you weighing in!

  4. Im glad your doing these series....I have to go and read your last post. Thanks!

    1. My hope is to help other folks that don't have access to a stager to gain some knowledge to help their house show better. Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. I have all my lighting on dimmers - that's a must have in my home :-)

    1. Oh Donna, if only everyone was as smart as you!

  6. Me encanta este estilo de decoración.
    Gracias Linda por compartilo.

    Un abrazo con cariño.

  7. Wonderful advice, Linda. Light is so important to my interiors and the Swedish look. I love rooms flooded with natural light and / or with lighting from lamps.

    1. Loi, my sunshine, if only homes shown as brightly as you! I wish people realized how important light is in there homes--lovely for living; a must for selling.

  8. You're so funny regarding the three matchy lamp set and the Jerry Seinfeld! And so true! They're so bad.

    Agree with all your points in this series of posts :)