Friday, January 18, 2013

What's Up with The January Bug?

Years ago, I worked for a newspaper.  We typically referred to January as a 'slow news month'. Scrambling for stories, we had morning 'Brainstormings' resulting in random ideas for stories.  Almost anything was game to fill the white space.

From what I read, and see on TV, January, continues to be a 'slow news month'.  Today, the Today show featured a segment on a staff member's daughter getting bangs cut on air (a la Michelle Obama.)  Fascinating, huh?
 The Bang Cutting segment was followed by a variety of popular YouTube videos. Crazy cats and dancing baby... Really?
(the white space above courtesy of my new computer cursor not cooperating.)

I read lots and lots of blogs everyday.  I think the January Bug is becoming viral.

No judgment peeps, I'm just saying...

if you feel apathetic and uninspired, I get it.  The Bug has infected me.  I'm juggling a cavalcade of crappy ideas.  I pray for The Bug to be over and replaced by resplendent creativity.

The better news is that I do have some cool newly purchased Botanical prints, an exciting trip to Duke University's Nasher Museum of Art to see "Matisse and the Modern Masters", and an interesting staging do-over in the hopper to share.

(Do you think Mrs. President's bangs could be the result of a slow-news-month?)

Hope you escape The Bug.

Happy Friday, y'all!.


  1. So sorry about your computer....this tech stuff drives me crazy! I,m learning, but if my hubby wasn't here to help me.... Id be in big trouble!
    January is kind of a boring month...I think its a pause before we go forward....

  2. Well said, Taylor. I so hope what you say is true. I'm ready for new beginnings!

  3. I think that the media needs to build hype for the inauguration and that's why we're seeing so much of "the bangs". I'm in a funk too - after a busy fall and Christmas redecorating and entertaining, January is a quieter month. Time to reflect and plan the rest of the year.

    1. Oh Heather, my soul sister, thanks for weighing in...glad it's not just me!