Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Recap and 2013 Wish List

I managed to make progress in my little abode in 2013.  I had hardwood floors installed on the first floor. (Bye-Bye ugly Berber carpet.)

Here's the Family Room before the hardwoods.

Here's the after.  Of course, I was inspired to rearrange furniture!

Family Room After Hardwood Floors
I was always embarrassed and ashamed of the sofa below.  For 15 years, my husband has enjoyed naps, snacks, meals, pet sitting, and endless TV viewing on this ole Wesley Hall. It was sunken, sprung, dented, dirty, and threadbare.  After many years of torture, I persuaded him to allow me to reupholster it. 

Pitiful Sofa

Sofa after its makeover!  LOVE! (Husband, not so much...) The upholsterer basically had to rebuild it.

Here is our Master Bedroom while still sporting the Berber.
Master Bedroom BEFORE Hardwoods
Here's our Master after the hardwood installation.  BIG difference!

Master Bedroom AFTER Hardwoods

Finish Sitting Room
This room has been in transition for a while now.  It still sports the popcorn ceilings original to the house. We've had the ceilings scraped throughout the house a room or two at a time.  For this room I want: smooth ceilings, the wood crown molding, door frames and floor boards painted white, and a new coat of wall color.  I still like the BM Powell Buff and will probably stick with that color.
New Windows
It ain't sexy but we must replace the floor-to-ceiling-windows in our family room.  The windows are original to my 1985 house and the sills are rotten and leaking. (Oh boy, I am telling you all my dirty secrets!)  The French Doors were replaced in November but the enclosed shades broke so we have to get the whole set replace. Pella is doing the work so it will be $$$!

Family Room Before Hardwoods
New Carpet
I want to replace the upstairs carpet which includes the steps, landing, and 2 bedrooms. This the same ugly Berber carpet that that was replaced downstairs.

Completely Reinvent Our Office
This feels a lot like True Confessions...the picture shows only a corner of the office space I share with my husband.  I am desperate to give it a make over: new paint, furniture, built-ins, carpet--the works.  This will be a huge undertaking.  I want a pretty desk, lamp, and art.  I lust a sassy Mary McDonald-style of office but I MUST have my treadmill!  My husband is an IT person and needs a no-nonsense area to set up computers and work.
Yikes! Is there a solution?


  1. Wow! You've been busy! I know what you are saying regarding the change with the hardwoods. We removed our carpet downstairs and put in hardwoods. It's so much warmer.. and cleaner! It really opens up the space. As our college kids move on, I am looking forward to simplifying things and getting started - room by room!

  2. It is definitely easier to make changes with the kids out of the house. Leslie, thanks so much for commenting. I've been reading your blog and you about have me sold on Fraxel.

  3. Linda, you have an expensive list.I hope you can do all of that. Somehow, the year goes really fast.

  4. Yes, Linda the year goes fast! The only thing I'm not confident about is redoing our office.

  5. Me encanta la elegancia y el acogedor, resultado de la decoración.

    Un cariñoso abrazo.