Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebrity Stalking without the Restraining Order

I watch almost any program featuring interiors--especially luxury homes. If you've ever watched an old episode of MTV's 'Cribs' then you know the most popular segment is the Refrigerator Raid.  During 'the raid' celebrities reveal the contents of their refrigerator. We are fascinated about how other people live.

This refrigerator couldn' t be more perfect!         Pinterest.
 Yes, potential buyer's have this same curisoity.   Make the most of a buyer's 'Refrigerator Raid'. You don't need me to remind you the inside of your 'frig must be clean and organized, right? 

I've seen some pretty funky refrigerators.  Black mold, when the seller's used the refrigerator daily was the creepiest; a batchelor refrigerator with only bottled water and champagne was the most amusing. 

What's the most outrageous item you've ever found in your refrigerator?



  1. Laundry detergent. Guess where the new jug of milk was? :-/

  2. LOL Barb! Too funny! Yup, I've had some similar moments...thanks!

  3. Hy doll! lovely post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  4. When my children were little all kinds of non-food items would end up in the fridge. :-)

  5. ABSOLUTELY! Love your style and those cute kids!