Monday, August 17, 2015

Give A Warm Welcome for the Return of Wallpaper!

Robert Redding's Hampton Court
I've been working with a staging client that asked me to help her with paint colors for her new house.

Jennifer loves color! Her previous house had neutral wall colors (of course, a plus for selling).  She intends to be in the new house for a very long time and wants it to reflect her style.

I suggested 3 different shades of blue/grey for the common areas (BM's Night Mist, Grey Wisp, and Imperial Grey). Her office is a bright blue (BM's Tranquil Blue), the Master Bedroom, Guest Room and her Spiritual Study are a serene blue--BM's Wythe Blue. Her kitchen is kicking it with a bold coral/red/orange color: Valspar's Samari Fusion.

We had difficulty finding 'the' color to use in the dining room.  I asked Jennifer if she had ever considered wallpaper.  She was in!  We made a decision for the Dining Room to make a statement.

Look at the GORGEOUS wallpaper that we selected for the Dining Room!  The beautiful peacocks will be installed above the chair rail. I'm sure it is not every one's cup of tea but we were both wild for it.


  1. I'm a huge fan of wallpaper - my dining room is a damask and my front vestibule is a black and cream diamond pattern. (my front hall is too small to be called a hall or even a foyer - so it's a vestibule). I just hate when I have to remove old wallpaper. Our house was full of it. And I still have the bedrooms to do!

    1. My house had lots of wallpaper when we bought it. I couldn't wait to get rid of it and paint the walls! I always tell buyers they should remove wallpaper because it is so personality specific. Since she is going to stay in the house, I know she will be pleased with it. So good to hear from you, Heather!

  2. I think you are right....wallpaper is on the move back. But there are tons of people who still remember the work involved in removing paper. Most of them will never put wallpaper up again!

  3. Hi Patty, It is tough to remove wallpaper--especially if the sheet rock hasn't been primed. What a nightmare. An experienced painter can spackle and sand the seams. With a primer under the paint color it is virtually impossible to see any evidence of wallpaper.