Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jeff Lewis Says It Best

"There are people with really, really horrible taste.  My job is to save them from themselves."
Jeff Lewis
"Flipping Out"/Jeff Lewis Design

One of the benefits of being a Stager is that I don't have to please anyone.  My staging is based on the ideal approach for presenting a house to sell.  I am grateful that I have never heard, "We don't like it." (Of course, they only have to live with my staging the limited time their house is on the market.)

Sometimes, staging clients hire me to decorate. "I love your style!"  I think, they think, that they love my style.  With staging, I can be bold. (Peacock feathers, anyone?)  It so perplexing that  when I use the same approach for decorating they seem to choke. Huh? But, I thought you, 'loved my style'?

And ya know, since it is their home, they want to help.  Oh my goodness the bargains they find for me to incorporate in their decor!
It is difficult to be diplomatic when something sooo not-kinda-wonderful flies out of that shopping bag.  Press mute NOW.  But, my mind is screaming, "IT IS SO WRONG!"  Like Wrongy-Dongy wrong.

Then comes their scrunch-face plea, "Well, it kinda goes." 

There's no "kinda" with style!

While Jeff Lewis has a plethora of personality dysfunctions, I admire his design aesthetic and vision.  How wonderful it would be for a client to give me carte blanche on a decorating project.


  1. You would be a nice fit for me. I often dream of hiring a designer and walking away. I dream of opening the door to perfection and not having to give my approval or opinion, just a check.....and enjoy! A girl can dream, right?
    The House of Hampton

  2. Such a huge fan of Jeff Lewis - yes, he is a difficult person. But man, oh man, can he design!! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would let you design carte blanche? Oh well, in a perfect world.....