Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Musings: Points of Pinterest

Don't we all love Pinterest?  We can click and save, click and save.

You youngin's might not get this....but in days of yore, we cultivated stacks of magazines.  These oldies were tombs for future reference.  My stash of mags had corners folded, scrappy notes poking out and sticky Post-it's marking points of interest.  My magazines sat in a basket patiently waiting for the day I would rescue them to be reopened and appreciated from a new prospective.

The fun was in the process.

The process was allowing myself a bit of time to sit and explore.  I would flip through, snip around, then select and paste in a journal or folder ideas.  The fun was flipping through the old pages.  Often, I would reread articles or see one I had missed.  The fun was recovering an image I thought was save-worthy.  Funny how many 'what-was-I thinking' moments I had.  "Keep" or  "ditch" was not always clear cut.  I was absorbed in considering options. The process  of editing was part of creating.

The process took time.  It  required judgement.  But, oh Honey, how it spurred ideas extraordinaire.  This time sucking indulgence was one that I adored.  It was an indulgence of fruitful intention.

Yes, Pinterest, I love you. It is awesome to have a collective resource.  Amazing that we can borrow others creativity.

But there is something lost in the accumulating of images and the discernment over what shall stay and what shall be purged.

As in life, it not about the goal, it is about the process of getting there.


  1. You're so right, Linda. I miss cutting out recipes to try, tearing out a room I love putting it on a bulletin board (which I did recently) and just flipping through magazines. We're so inundated with information and images these days that magazine reading has become a thing of the past, I'm afraid.

  2. I have a confession!
    I quite my pinterest account!!!
    It literally drove me nuts keeping up with it!
    I LOVE my mags and have them in lovely baskets in my kitchen wall unit!!!

  3. I still love keeping magazines - but I love the organization of Pinterest. Especially for recipes.